Scientific Program

 Sunday 18th, 2015         : 12H00-18H00 : Registration
 Manday, January 19th, 2015: 08H00-08H30

O8h 30- O9h 00: Welcome Reception,

  • President of Cadi Ayad University ( Abdellatif MIRAOUI, Morocco),
  • Dean of University Medical School of Marrakech ( Mohamed Amine, Morocco)
  • President of the courses ( Ahmed Bourazza, Morocco)
  • Chair of Local Organizing Committee ( Najib Kissani, Morocco)
  • Course introduction ( Erik Ch Wolters, Netherlands)

Chairs:  Abdelhamid Benazzouz (France),  Amine Elguendouz (Marrakech/Morocco), Mohamed Najimi (Beni Mellal/ Morocco)

09h00- 09h30: Circuits encoding movements in health and disease, Abdeljabbar El Manira (Stockholm/ Sweden)                

09h30- 10h00: Physiology and Pathophysiology of Movement Disorders, Mark Hallett (Bethesda, MD/ USA)

10h00- 10h30: Understanding axonal injury may be of help in the treatment of Parkinson disease. Mohamed Ouardouz (Ottawa / Canada)

10H30- 10H50: Tea/ Coffee break

Chairs : Abdeljabbar El Manira (Stockholm/ Sweden), Ahmed Bourazza (Morocco),  Said Ait Ben Ali ( Morocco)

10h50- 11h30: Parkinson’s disease revisited,   Erik Ch Wolters (Netherlands)

11h30- 12h10: Atypical Parkinsonism. Joseph Jankovic (USA)

12h10- 12h50: Stimulation & lesioning in Movement Disorders: the pendulum of History." Jean Régis (France),

12h50- 13h00: General Discussion

13h00- 14h15: Lunch

                                     Video- Based clinical discussion

Chairs: Nissrine Louhab (Morocco), Fayçal Hentati (Tunisia),

G1: 14h15 - 15h30: Video Rounds on Unusual and Instructive Movement Disorders.   Joseph Jankovic (USA)

Chairs: Samia Ben Sassi (Tunisia), Mohammed Bennis (Morocco),

G2 : 14h15- 15h30 :   Gait Disorders, Mark Hallett (USA)

15h30-16h00 : Tea/ Coffee break

16h00-17h00:   Workshop on Botulinum Toxin therapy in movement disorder with presence of patients.

G1: Workshop Co-ordinators:  Najib Kissani (Morocco),  Joseph Jankovic (Houston, TX / USA):

-           Indications of Botolinum toxin in movement disorders

-       Small group interactive case demonstrations

-       Session of BT injection for the benefit of patients invited to the International Clinic very close to the Palm Plaza

G2: Workshop Co-ordinators: Mohammed Abdo RAFAI (Morocco) & Mark Hallett (USA)

-           Indications of Botolinum toxin in movement disorders

-        Small group interactive case demonstrations

-        Session of BT injection for the benefit of patients invited to the International Clinic very close to the Palm Plaza Hotel & Spa.

Chairs: Bernard Allan Cohen (USA), Fouad Bellakhdar (Morocco), Mohamed Ouardouz (Ottawa / Canada)

16h00-17h00:   Workshop on Advances in DBS techniques for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders»

Workshop Co-ordinators:  Jean Régis (France) & Abdelhamid Benazzouz (France)

20H 30: Gala dinner At Ali Belfellah

Tuesday, January 20 th, 2015

Chairs: Erik Ch Wolters (Netherlands), Nawal Adali (Morocco),

08h30- 09h10: Non motor signs in Parkinson and LRRK2 patients. Samia Ben Sassi (Tunisia)

09h10- 09h40: Psychiatric Symptoms Associated with Parkinson Disease. Iman Adali (Morocco),

09h40- 10h20: Psychogenic movement disorders. Mark Hallett (USA)

10h20- 10h30: General discussion

10h30 – 11h00: Tea / Coffee break

Chairs : Joseph Jankovic (USA), Bouchra Elmoutawkil (Morocco), Mohammed Chraa (Morocco)

11h00- 11h30: Etiologies of Extrapyramidal syndrome in Marrakech and Morocco. Najib Kissani (Rabat/Morocco),

11h30- 12h05: Phenotypic aspects of genetic forms of Parkinson disease in Tunisia. Fayçal Hentati (Tunisia)

12h05 - 12h45: Mechanisms of subthalamic DBS in Parkinson's disease. Abdelhamid Benazzouz (France)

12h45 - 13h00: Discussion

13h00- 14h30: Lunch

Chairs : Khaled Choulli (Morocco), Chaoui EL faiz Mohammed (Morocco), Mehdi Laghmari (Morocco)

14h30-15h10: Methods for Monitoring Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery as an Adjunct in Movement Disorder Management. Bernard Allan Cohen (USA)

15h10- 15h50: The Technical evolution and indication for surgery of Parkinson's disease. Experience of Rabat University Hospital Ibn SINA. Fouad Bellakhdar (Morocco)

15h50- 16h40: DBS in Parkinson’s disease. Joseph Jankovic (USA)

16h40- 17h00: - Presentation of 3 best Poster selected and Closing of these First Maghreb courses on Movement Disorders in Marrakech.

   All participants (attending all sessions) will be awarded with very valuable book " and journal offered gently by International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders.
Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders Motor Behavioural Disorders and Behavioural Motor Disorders

Author: Wolters and Baumann, editors  

Wolters and Baumann, editors

VU University Press, January 2014, April 2014

Wednesday, January 21 th, 2013

Social Program:

09H : Guided tour of Marrakech city

13H : Visit of Berber village and lunch over there in the wilderness at the feet of the high Atlas mountains.

Lunch in villages down of the huge snowy Atlas Mountains.