Deadline for applications is closed

Movement disorder bursaries for young neurologists & neuroscientists…. to attend First Maghreb courses on Movement Disorders in Marrakech (Morocco)-January 19-20, 2015

The deadline for Bursary’s Applications(Accommodation & registration) is   December 5th,2014.

In an effort to further encourage young investigators & neuroscientists (under 40 years of age) to participate in the First Magreb Courses on Movement Disorders in Morocco, accommodation and / or registration bursaries will be awarded to a number of young applicants to assist with registration and accommodation expenses.

Members of the Bursary Sub-Committee will select the successful applicants.

Results will be available one month before the meeting and you will be contacted by email.

If you have any queries in relation to your bursary application or abstract submissions please contact the congress secretariat:

 (Applications for Bursaries will only be accepted from those who also submit an abstract).

Important Information:

Other criteria pertaining to Registration & Accommodation Bursaries:

1. Travel Bursaries are reserved for those under 40 years of age
2. As part of the application procedure, you must submit a short statement explaining why attendance at the First Maghreb courses on Movement Disorders in Morocco would be particularly relevant to your present appointment/activity in the field of movement disorders, making sure to indicate the reason you require such.

3. You must declare if you have sourced any other funding to attend the First Maghreb courses on Movement Disorders in Morocco and disclose the nature of the funding.

4. You must submit a signed reference from a person supporting your application (e.g. local Head of Department of hospital or institution, etc.).